Coal burning Stoves

Harman Stove Company

With over 40 stove models, several patents, and continuous operation for over twenty five years, Harman is an undisputed leader of stove manufacturing. Harman manufactures wood, coal, pellet, gas stoves, gas fireplaces, boilers, stokers, furnaces, and the Harman Iron line of cast iron stoves.

All Harman Stoves are Proudly Made in America.


Magnafire Mark I
Energy King

Energy King manufactures wood/coal furnaces, wood/coal hot water furnaces, zero clearance wood fireplaces, fireplace inserts, freestanding woodstoves, and corn/pellet furnaces.

For over 30 years, Energy King has maintained a commitment to providing quality solid-fuel heating appliances. We use the latest technology to design and build our products, with particular attention to safety, efficiency, reliability and ease of use. Our ultimate goal is to combine these aspects to guarantee our customers a solid product built for a lifetime of top performance.

Manufactured with pride in Chippewa Falls, WI. USA



Hitzer is a small family owned manufacturing company that focuses on quality products and family-style relationships. For over 30 years Hitzer- the Swiss word for heater- uses Quality Amish craftsmanship to manufacture our coal stoves. From Adams County, Indiana, the center of rural Amish country it began as a small blacksmith shop making wood and coal stoves for local Amish homes. They were made to heat entire homes and large workshops.

With quality products and compassionate service as the foundation of Hitzer Stoves, they have expanded to a leading coal and wood stove manufacturer. Today, Hitzer continues to concentrate on exceptional Amish Crafstmanship, their focus on knowledge quality, and service continues to make Hitzer a leader of the industry.

Made in the USA in Adams County, Indiana



Wood Chuck


The Woodchuck Add-on furnace line can eliminate the unpleasantries of in-home woodburning. The Woodchuck is usually placed next to your present Central Heating unit instead of the main living area of your home. This means NO firewood, dirt, or bark to clean up, or hot surfaces to guard from small children. Woodchuck offers the comfort of luxurious, even heat distributed throughout your home. The cost of oil and gas DOES NOT mean you must abandon or replace the central heating system designed for your home. After all, it's the oil and gas consumption we want to reduce, not the system.


Vermont Castings

For more than a quarter of a century Vermont Castings has been creating handcrafted cast iron stoves and fireplaces. From the recycled cast iron they collect to the beautiful paint and enamel finishing they apply, each Vermont Castings product is produced with precision, attention to detail and a deep-rooted pride in their heritage and craft.

Whether it’s a stove, fireplace or grill, Vermont Castings offers a line of products that has not only passed the rigorous testing of their labs and governing industry standards- but also the test of time. The cast iron construction and attention to detail each product receives ensures that your Vermont Castings will provide continuous optimum performance for many years to come. Made in Vermont.

Vigilant II



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